Coaching Packages for Women

Congratulations on taking your first step toward financial wellness! I have a variety of coaching packages to support you in your journey.  Check them out below and then we can set up a complimentary phone consultation to see if my services are the right fit for you.

Package 1 – Let Go of Your Financial Angst – A starter coaching package

30 days –  How to break free from the past and create a new money mindset for the future. 

  • Kick-off Strategy Session (1-on-1) to establish goals and get a solid foundation for your financial footing
  • Resource Optimization Session to make the most of everything you have (1-on-1)
  • Tailored mindset exercises to support your transformation
  • Money Personality Assessment
  • Money Personality Custom Coaching Session based upon Olivia Mellan’s Money Harmony concept (1-on-1)
  • One Accountability Strategy Session to ensure lasting behavior change (1-on-1)
  • BONUS – Productive conversation catalysts for spouses to discuss finances without conflict
  • BONUS – Do all of the above with a friend/BFF/Sister/Mother/Daughter and split the investment! For many women, it’s easier to thrive in a team. So collaborate  to make your experience more fun and more powerful. We will throw in an extra private Kick-off Strategy Session! That way your financial details will remain private while you two collaborate on transforming your mindset, money personality, and goals.
  • BONUS – Review Session to celebrate progress and outline next steps for continued progress toward financial peace.

Package 2 – Your Financial Freedom Breakthrough

90 days – Transform your entire money life by tackling the emotional, spiritual and practical aspects of financial peace. Includes all of the services of Package 1, plus the following sessions to get results:

  • Creation of your personalized cash flow system to match your organizational style with your future goals
  • Money Personality Analysis to increase your personal money harmony and depolarize your most important financial relationships. Assessments are provided for you and another person of your choice.
  • Wild Money Assessment as created by Luna Jaffe to determine the best use of your time as you pursue greater financial peace
  • Financial Peace Mini Retreat – a two-hour session via Skype where we celebrate our victories and tackle the tough stuff. Together we can chart your path out of money angst and into peace by completing my proprietary planning template.
  • Individualized rewards system based upon the work of Christine Carter’s Sweet Spot to ensure long-lasting behavior change
  • BONUS – Multi-media inspirations for behavior change.
  • BONUS – Two “emergency” 1-on-1 calls to get you through difficult situations or decisions
  • BONUS – Money Harmony Facilitated Conversation between you and someone you love
  • BONUS – Review session to celebrate progress and outline next steps for continued progress toward financial peace.

Interested in one of the above packages? Click here to request your complimentary consultation so we can determine the services that will suit your needs best. 

Package 3 – Customized Monthly Retainer for a Tailored Financial Breakthrough

Depending upon your needs, we can help you achieve any of the above benefits in order of priority. Your curriculum will be adjusted according to your progress. With this package, the duration of our coaching relationship is up to you.

Package 4 – Financial Transformation for Moms of Families with Medical Difficulties

Between 5 and 6 months – Are you one of the moms with FOMS (Fear Of Mailbox Syndrome)? Our one-on-one work together will take the financial sting out of your medical issues and set you up for a future of increased wealth, peace and power while decreasing your money conflicts with others. It’s as if we will wave a magic wand to make the whole financial headache go away and instead replace it with a manageable challenge. We will also give you a proactive plan to manage future bills by creating a cash flow system you can control.

Package includes all of the above services plus a thorough analysis of your medical bill pile and ongoing needs:

  • Review for negotiated rates
  • Review for insurance payment
  • Organize bills into simple files to help you know where to focus your time
  • Recommendation for payment of bills– which assets, what timetable, etc.
  • Recommendation for advocacy or contesting bills where needed
  • Income needs analysis evaluating current cash flow
  • Advice for future financial system to accommodate greater medical needs and/or changing health care system. May include career coaching, alternate cash flow plan, spend down strategies, etc.
  • Coping strategies for those with chronic illness.  We know illness affects us financially and emotionally too, so there is work to be done in both areas

Interested in one of the above packages? Click here to request your complimentary consultation so we can determine the services that will suit your needs best. I look forward to hearing from you!

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