Who says money can’t be funny?

OK, I will admit. Sometimes our money issues are not laughing matters, but you know that laughing in the face of adversity is empowering.

So what kind of coach would I be if I didn’t offer some humor?

Here are a few reasons to laugh today:

Women and Money – My Pinterest board will make you laugh, mostly at yourself. But if you’re looking to laugh at others, or about anything other than money, try this one: Makes you go HaHaHa.

You’ve heard me talk about Emergency Funds, but this is my own special take on the idea to accommodate for those really embarrassing, costly incidences: Maybe We Need a Stupid Fund.

I have been known to get myself into some Lucy Ricardo-esque situations. I humbly share these stories with you so you can feel better about yourself. Here’s my most recent, where the bunny got stuck in the HVAC system on my watch, Down the Rabbit Hole.

Jeanne Robertson is a comedienne who is – in my humble opinion – married to a Money Hoarder. (It’s ok, I’m a recovering Money Hoarder myself, I can call him that.) Here’s a little story about being married to, and traveling with, your financial opposite. She refers to him as Left Brain.