Hire Candice Because …

Placenta. Ok, ladies, now that we’ve grossed out the guys and they’re no longer reading, can we talk? I know deep down you’re thinking, “Candice is fine and – whatever – she can clear all the men from a room, ushering in a ladies night of Red Tent proportions. But why should I hire her for financial coaching instead of some other financial professional?” For one thing, I approach money (and life) from not only the practical perspective, but the emotional and spiritual as well. I’m also a big fan of lists. You are too? Imagine that! This might be the beginning of beautiful collaboration …


 Candice McGarvey, CFP

Top 5 Reasons You Should Hire Candice

You won’t buy any financial products from me, instead you will be investing in your own transformation. I am keenly aware of the value my services and my ability to change your life. If you are looking to increase your wellness, I’m your girl. Looking to buy insurance or invest? I can help you navigate your choices, but I will refer you out to a professional I trust.

  1. You need a coach to guide you through the obstacles and find the easiest path to transformation. I’ve been there, stressed out and overwhelmed by financial stuff. It’s no fun. Let me help you out of your current situation.
  2. You will do better with a cheerleader. Not the kind who wears short skirts and shines brightest as the center of attention, you need the kind who will sit on the sidelines reminding you:
    • “I know it’s hard, but you can do this.”
    • “Give it all you got!” Click here to see this illustrated with a baby goat.
    • “So you fell. That’s ok. Now dust yourself off and let’s see what can be learned from this experience.”
  3. You want to work with someone who’s “bona fide,” (shout out to the ladies of Oh Brother Where Art Thou). In a world of Madoffs and financial shiesters, I have a certification that makes it easier to trust me: I’m a CFP®, (Can you tell the difference between a CFP® and a DJ? Click on this video to test yourself.)

    Even though I technically don’t need it to practice financial coaching, I choose to maintain my Certified Financial Planner™ certification and uphold its professional standards, including continuing education requirements. And someday I’ll tell you the story of how I trained my bladder for the 10-hour certification exam because I had to take it while I was pregnant.

  4. You need to be heard and understood, not judged. I’ve been where you are, in a pit where you wonder how someone like you got so far off course. I know first hand that you need to have more than just knowledge to create financial wellness. . Having a lot of money doesn’t automatically give you peace either, as evidenced the fact that my clients who have a lot of money share one major commonality with those who do not – everyone is worried they don’t have enough.

I use financial coaching to change lives through my 7-step system, the Financial Wellness Breakthrough System. This process elevates you out of financial angst, then into financial peace and freedom. I am serious about the fact that you can experience greater peace without earning a cent more than your current inflows. But we will decide the best course for you on an individual basis.

Financial Wellness Breakthrough System

  1. Goal Module – Take a moment to dream about your best possible future life. Then we will articulate financial goals that are inspiring and actionable, including short- mid- and long-term.
  2. Mindset Module – Throw your past money story out the window, take time to dream and establish a new story with a mindset that supports your goals.
  3. Planning Module – Assess the big picture of your financial situation and create a cash flow system to support your goals.
  4. Personality Module – Optimize your Money Personality to achieve greater Money Harmony, which in turn reduces financial conflicts within your most important relationships.
  5. Rewards Module – Create a plan to support lasting transformation as you practice the non-habitual and reinforce your increased wellness.
  6. Gap-filling Module – Address possible pitfalls and eliminate them ahead of time. Gaps could be: financial education, skills, income, behavioral, motivational, and peer support.
  7. Community Module – Because financial issues are easier to solve in collaboration with others, create your own – or join an existing – accountability network. You can join the HerDollars community if you haven’t already, or I can show you how to create an individualized network of friends/family to fit your needs.

So, when would you like to start?

Click here to schedule a 30-minute complimentary phone consultation to discover what your path to financial wellness will look like. During this time, we will decide if we are a fit for a financial coaching relationship. I am limited in the number of clients I can take on, so I only engage clients who truly need my services. For the rest, I will happily provide referrals to other professionals when necessary and give you some guidance on the best course of action.