Flowers on a money site?

purple_crocus - Version 2

What does the crocus flower have to do with money?  More than you might think:

  • The crocus is one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, and you might even find a crocus blooming through the snow. How about you, have you ever tried to bloom through a financial winter?
  • It is small but mighty, especially when it blooms in a bunch. Think of the power we women have when we collaborate…
  • Although it is beautiful, you won’t find it in an arrangement of cut flowers because it can not survive without its root.

crocussnowThe crocus cannot ignore its root, and I believe we need to take the same approach to money.

For one thing, you can’t expect to be successful if you can’t keep true to your roots. And we certainly can’t face hardship (being cut, or even snow) without knowing what those roots are.

In our coaching work together, we will spend some time talking about your roots. This is important if we’re going to tackle goals that have – until now – eluded you. I know what that’s like. And I’m here to help.


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