"When values take the lead in our financial decision-making, our behavior finally changes for good."

~ Candice McGarvey in Money Magazine, www.Money.com

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My articles in Money/TIME:

8 Tips for Setting an Allowance that works … For All Ages – October 2015

When Dementia Threatens a Family’s Finances – January 2015

Teach Your Kids Financial Values … Via Cell Phone – December 2014

Why Financial Planning Needs More Religion – October 2014 

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Why a Financial Coach?

We women know we can perform herculean tasks on our own, but it’s more fun if we have a buddy, right? Accountability and collaboration can make a big difference in our productivity. Think about what has been accomplished in women’s quilting circles, book clubs, and investment clubs. Have you noticed how clean your house gets when you’re multitasking while chatting on the phone?  And watch us ladies solve the world’s problems while we’re sipping coffee!  This is the first of many reasons financial coaching works so well 

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