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How can financial coaching change your life?

Money issues are often delicately intertwined with our emotions and attitudes. So a little work in this area can go a long way in your overall wellness.

Take care of you

You can reward yourself and boldly face financial decisions without anxiety


Unlock your power

Optimize your Money Personality’s strengths, amplify your spending power


See awesome results

Imagine the feeling when you break out of survival mode and reach your goals


Breathe a sigh of relief

Now, rest assured, you’re doing your best. That’s what we call financial peace



I’m Candice McGarvey, and I’m a woman with a story. But aren’t we all? I believe sharing our stories with one another contributes to our collective wisdom. Of course, there’s a problem with sharing money stories: the topic makes many of us uncomfortable. But in my work with women, I have discovered ways to talk about money – more about feelings, less about dollar signs – that free us to finally operate up to our full potential.

So what about you? What’s your story? In what ways do you need support as you progress toward your financial goals? Please take a look around my site and take a step toward an increased level of financial wellness. Let’s rewrite your outdated money script, because your money story deserves a better ending!


Candice McGarvey, CFP

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Ladies, these are your dollars. You may co-own them with someone else, but you need to treat them like every other project you've been avoiding. You need to own them.

~ Candice McGarvey, CFP® of ~

How can I support you?

You don't have to change your money story alone! Here are some ways I can help.

Financial Coaching

You can finally reach your financial goals with my guidance and accountability.  Check out one of my coaching packages to see which one fits your needs best.


 Personality Quiz

Is your Money Personality messing up your financial life? Find out how to maximize your strengths by taking this complimentary Money Personality Quiz.


3 Simple Steps

Reduce money stress and grow your bank account with these 3 Simple Steps. They will be delivered for 3 days into your email inbox.


Online Resources

I have curated the web to find a collection of valuable resources you can access for free, including: calculators, articles,  Q and As, and more.


Take action today by doing a

Financial Yoga Exercise

These free assignments will help you pursue financial peace … even when your position is stressful!


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